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Wrights Opticians provide corporate eyecare to a number of local companies (large and small) at very competitive prices. Perhaps we could perform this service for YOUR BUSINESS too?

We offer safety eye-wear for ALL professions, made to full British Safety Standards and fully fitted for comfort of use, by one of our two Dispensing Opticians. Our safety frames are well built for longevity, lenses are bullet-proof and the frame styles are trendy (can’t say that of all safety frames that’s for sure!!), most have poly-carbonate side shields and we can dispense single vision, Bifocal or Varifocal lenses. Following on from your eye exam here at Wrights, one of our Dispensing Opticians will be on hand to advise you on frame and lens choices.

Be comfortable, safe and stylish at work, with Wrights Safety spex.

Corporate Eyecare

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