Glasses Aftercare

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Spectacle repairs and adjustments

After picking up your fully fitted, perfect new spectacles, you take them home and …..sit on them! What now? Well fear not, as Wrights Opticians service to you does not end when you leave our shop with your new purchase.

We give you a FREE full aftercare service, no matter how long you have had your glasses, if they are from Wrights Opticians, then we will always do our best to service them for you.

This includes a full frame MOT on request (tightening screws and lenses, a thorough clean-up in our ultra sonic cleaner and a full refitting if needed), minor repairs, re-fittings, new screws and if you’d like us to, we can use your existing Wrights frame to put your new lenses in! Saving you money and the environment too!

Glasses Aftercare

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