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Everything you can do to keep your eyes healthy

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Read about what you can do to keep your eyes healthy.

Top tips for healthy eyes

Eye health goes hand-in-hand with general health, but a few nutrients are especially important for your eyes.

At Wrights opticians, we take a holistic approach to eye health. You can make a difference to your own sight and well being by following some simple ‘general health rules’ –

Eat a varied diet

Make sure to eat a varied diet, rich in colourful veg, fruit and oily fish – cut down on red meats, ready meals, salt and sugars. Include healthy fats in your food – olive oil, rapeseed and whole nuts. A healthy diet leads to a healthy body, which leads to better eye health too.

Drink enough water

How much is enough? Well around 1.5 to 2.0 ltrs a day! No that doesn’t include tea and coffee (sadly), not alcohol either (even more sadly!!). It needs to be water, preferably filtered and pure, but in herbal or fruit tea or sugar free cordial is better than nothing! Hydrating your body can clinically improve the health of your eye. It can help to reduce eye fatigue, eye strain and dry eye too!

Get enough sleep

Oh yes! We all know this and yet we few of us us manage it. But sleep is the single most important thing you can do to help your body. It resets your systems, is good for your mental health and helps your body to heal from toxins and traumas. Eight hours of undisturbed sleep please folks. More if you can get it.

Less screen time

This puts less strain on your eyes and visual system. We know it’s difficult in this age of computers and phones, but try to limit your screen time as much as you can.


Lots of it – in whatever form you like. Get that heart rate up, up, up and your whole body will feel the benefits. Yoga, swimming, jogging, gardening, walking the dog – you don’t have to run a marathon or scale a mountain to benefit – just a few hours a week of gentle exercise will help your overall health.


You can and should take a multi vitamins to help your whole body to function properly – but also there are now vitamins which are targeted at improving your eye health – to protect the retina and maculae from age related damage, like macular degeneration. Here at Wrights we can provide top quality vitamins for your eye – just ask us about it.

Protect yourself from UV!!

Do we get any UV in England? Well yes, we do! Even on cloudy days, the UV will be entering your eye and potentially causing harm in there – so get yourself a good pair of sunglasses and wear them and hey – you’ll look cool too!! 😉

We can also coat your standard lenses with ultra violet protection.

We have a wide range of Sunglasses, from budget to premium Mauijim Sunglasses –

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