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Providing Leyland and Preston with a Friendly, local, personal opticians.

Individual Attention – Our Company Ethos

Our company ethos is to treat everyone as an individual and we firmly believe in going that bit further to look after you.

Do you find it difficult to know which frames suit you and which of the many eyesight correction options to choose? We make it much easier for you to make an informed decision by treating you as an individual and spending one to one time with you to assess your needs and requirements. 

Our friendly Dispensing Optician will explain in detail the options suitable for you and your prescription. We will take time to guide you through the many available choices until we reach the one thats exactly right for you. We’ll even make you a nice cup of tea while we discuss your requirements and help you choose your new frames. We promise you will leave Wrights Opticians looking and feeling fantastic in your new glasses and enjoying the best possible vision.  We also offer a full money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your new purchase within 30 days.

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At Wrights Opticians we will consider…

  • Your prescription

    What type of visual correction would be best for your prescription? Simple reading glasses which you can just pop on when required, or thin and light plastic spectacle varifocal lenses to reduce the weight and thickness of your glasses and massively improve their appearance?

  • Your lifestyle

    Whether the best option for you may be glasses or contact lenses for example, or varifocal lenses for your office job, or a robust titanium frame to stand up to lots of heavy handling, or playing physical games with the children or the dog!

  • Your interests and hobbies

    You may love a pair of prescription Polaroid sunglasses for fishing, or need prescription swim goggles for the gym. Maybe contact lenses would suit your lifestyle better than spectacles ever could?

  • Your Budget

    We can work out the best choice for your eyewear within the budget you give us, no need to spend a small fortune to get what you want. We have some super budget frames from £60 complete with lenses. We have some very upmarket frames with Designer names and Swarovski crystals. And we have everything in between.

  • Your fashion tastes and what you want your new glasses to say about you

    Bold and exciting or delicate and subtle? Which style and shape best compliments your unique colouring, hair style and face shape? Rest assured our optician will give you sound advice and a truthful opinion, so you can rest assured you look your best with your new glasses on.

  • The comfort and fitting of your chosen frames

    Every single one of our frames are fully fitted by our dispensing optician before you leave the practice. Your chosen frame is shaped and contoured to the curves of your face, so they don’t slip down your nose, or hurt behind your ears. All aftercare and refitting of your frame is FREE, so if you sit on your glasses, or the dog chews on them, just come back in and we will make them comfy again! 

You can take as long as you need for this consultation, all we ask is that you book an appointment, so we can allot as much time as you deserve with one of our Dispensing Opticians.

Any Questions? Ask An Optician.

Get professional optical advice from our optometrist at wright opticians. Contact us today to see the difference Wrights opticians Leyland can make to your vision and image.